Norman Thomas

The Democrat (Socialist) Party has been insidiously embedding itself throughout the fabric of our citizenry for decades. By hook and crook, they have taken over our educational system and “brainwashed” younger generations for many years.  In more recent times. they have corrupted many of our colleges and universities

They have disenfranchised opposition voters by organizing fraudulent voting for their benefit.  It has been reported that about 3 million votes were cast in the 2016 election.  Having worked at the polls for 12 years, I am well aware of the number of dead and moved people who still appear on unpurged voter registration lists.

The Democrats have managed to utilize taxpayer money to buy votes with welfare and other “freebies” to a large segment of the population.  They were quick to note the shift, a result of our “dumb down”educational system,  in the voter thinking from individual responsibility to government dependency.

They are always looking for something or someone to blame for their own actions.  Following their loss in the 2016 election, they played the “blame game” again when they couldn’t believe they had been rejected.  They never considered that their nominating a serial liar and 30 odd year criminal conviction escapee had anything to do with the outcome.  Like many politicians, including her husband, she has evaded justice numerous times.

Our country is in dire need of a complete overhaul of our educational system and a restoration, in the people, of the qualities that built this nation into the greatest on earth.  We the Peopleliberty-bell-free-clipart-3


In spite of the Democrat lies, innuendo and voter fraud, WE THE PEOPLE won.  hopefully, Trump will be able to get enough support in Congress to carry out most of his promised agenda.  The first 100 days will give an indication.  We can look forward no more intrusive activities from the IRS, DOJ, NSA and other bureaucrats.  Signs are now appearing that the Senate Democrats, in their usual spiteful mode, are going to try to be obstructionists on Trump’s cabinet appointments.  My way or the highway rises again.

It has been reported that about 3 million illegal votes were cast, mostly by non-citizens.  It becomes clear why Democrats want to eliminate the Electoral College.  fraudulent votes can have a larger effect on the popular vote.  The Dems now have only their usual name calling, racist-sexist-islamaphbic-homophobic, to rely on.  They exist based on lies and misleading information.

WE THE PEOPLE now have a chance for a rebirth of freedom and an end to corruption in Washington.  Term limits for Congress are the best way to obtain a permanent resolution.  The Federal Government must be reduced in size, earmarks eliminated and the damage done by Obama repealed.  In order to accomplish all of this, WE THE PEOPLE must become more politically active.  It is time that our love of the republic given to us by our founders comes to the forefront.

We the People




This is a comparison of what is in store for our country depending on the November election results.  It is based on the candidates own action and/or words.

Our country’s future if Hillary Clinton wins:

– Socialism will bring our country down to third world status.  This is as desired by George Soros, Obama, Valerie Jarrett and Juhn Podesta

– Higher taxes including 65% death tax

– Open borders and increased Islamic terrorist infiltration
– A continuation of Obama’s disastrous agenda
– Continued control of our government by George Soros and other big money donors
– Corruption in government agencies such as FBI, IRS, VA, NSA and others
– Open trade and consequent damage to our economy
– Continued massive regulations costly to even small business
– Bill Clinton in charge of our economy. A real disaster.
– Continuation of government lies and mistrust
– An even larger, less efficient and more costly Federal bureaucracy
– Increased Federal control of everything and less for the States and  WE THE PEOPLE
– Constitutional revisions to eliminate FREEDOM OF SPEECH and the SECOND AMENDMENT

– A major effort to replace Obamacare with a single payer (Federal Government) system
– A Supreme Court that will trash our Constitution and make laws from the bench in order to circumvent Congress
– Supreme Court changes will keep Socialism in America at least for decades
– More Executive Orders to circumvent Congress
– The corrupt Clinton Foundation will remain in full operation and accepting foreign donors for favors
– Continued massive unemployment due to administration economic, immigration and political policies
– More welfare cases in order to keep Democrats in power
– Continued reduction of our military capabilities

Our country’s future if Donald Trump wins:
– Power returns, as our Constitution specifies – to WE THE PEOPLE and the States
– Lower taxes and elimination of the death tax
– Repeal and replacement of Obamacare, the BIG LIE foisted on our citizens
– Priority will be given to job creation through sensible economic and trade policies
– Border security
– Revised immigration laws to retain control of entry and work permits
– Smaller and more responsive Federal government
-Elimination of corruption in Federal agencies
– Supreme Court appointees that will support and defend our Constitution
– No more unconstitutional circumvention of Congress
– No more government lies and misleading statements
– Rebuilding of our military capabilities that were reduced and hampered by the Obama Administration
– The Clintons will be relegated to the ash bin of history where they belong

This is your choice, America.  Do you want to leave a legacy of failed Socialism or a country forever THE LAND OF THE FREE?

Lady Liberty


Norman Thomas

It has become blatantly obvious that the Democrat Party has a “Hate America” complex.  You have nominated a serial lying, law breaker for President of our country.  This is after twice electing a Muslim intent on destruction of America.  We are now $19 trillion in debt, millions are out of work, millions more are on food stamps and our Constitution has been frequently ignored by the Obama Administration.  Our economy is on life support, our government can not be trusted and criminals are permitted to flourish.We no longer have the respect of our allies and are being tested by all of the bad guys of the world.
Our immigration policy is in shambles and National Security is not observed, as required by our Constitution.  Obama insists on admiting thousands of his Muslim buddies into our country with little or no knowledge of their background.  He’s probably hoping to enlist them in the current Democrat fradulent voting scheme.  The Governor of Virginia has already tried to add 206,000 felons to the voter rolls.  I’m sure we can expect many more vote irregularities in November.

  Democrats have a history of lying and condonig or covering up the illegal actions of their politicians.  You people blindly support candidates as long as they are either black, female our a Democrat, without any regard whatsoever for the good of our country.  Those of you in the “gimme crowd” have been bought for decades wit  h taxpayer money.
I ask you to think for yourself when you go to the polls.    Help to restore law and order, restore fiscal responsibility. put people back to work and relegate the Clintons, once and for all, to the ashbin of history.  Try to understand that as Obama admits the terrorists, we all go together when we go.

America will remain THE LAND OF THE FREE only so long as it is also THE HOME OF THE BRAVE.


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If you will just review the results of the last eight years, you will realize the damage that these three have done to our country.  The Democrat Party is the co-conspirator with all the problems created by Obama and Clinton.  Among other things, they have propagated the MANY lies foisted on the world public.  They have proven, again, that they will vote to elect anyone who is black, female, a Democrat or who hates America.  All of this with no regard whatsoever for the good of the country.  This party has prospered on LIES, DECEPTION and buying votes with taxpayer money.

Obama’s list is extremely long as we view the economy, relations with our former allies, massive National Debt, extensive unemployment, large increases on the welfare rolls and incompetent management of the wars in Afghanistan , Iraq and against the Islamic State.  He has American blood on his hands for these and his return of Guantanamo prisoners to the battlefield.  He has been more interested in his golf game than the death , by the hands of Islamics throughout the world.  The Muslim in the White House has proven to be an excellent example of incompetency nd ineptocracy.

Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, obtained blood on her hands in the Benghazi debacle, and she characteristically lied about it.  Her greatest contribution to disaster was her initiation of the Iran Nuclear Agreement, finalized by John Kerry (of Vietnam LIES fame).  As Iran continues to develop the bomb, the world will only watch and wait.

America is at a crossroad in November.  We will choose to continue the disasters of the past or take our country back.  The choice is yours, America.  You can vote for more of the same repleat with higher taxes, less personal freedom, Socialism, more incompetent government OR more personal freedom, lower taxes and smaller Federal government.



Contrary to the rosy picture painted by the Obama Administration and their lapdog media, our country is on life support. We have a President who endeavors to destroy our country both economicaly and militarily. The astronomical National Debt he has created, with the aid of the Democrat Party, will take many decades to reduce to a manageable figure. Our borders are porous, as terrorists and cr[minal illegals enter with impunity.

We have abdicated our position of leadership in the Free World, and radical Islamists of many stripes are intimidating the entire world.  Little or no coordinated action is taken or planned.  It has now been announced that Obama’s “YES men” in the Pentagon will reduce our Army by 40,000 troops.

Our immigration and criminal justice systems are a disaster. Illegal aliens and released felons are preying on law-abiding citizens. Liberal judges and sanctuary cities are circumventing the law and common sense. We were founded as a nation of laws and the liberal-socialistic Democrat Party has chipped away at our foundation for decades. It’s time for a rebirth of liberty and freedom and a return to a nation of laws for the common good.

We have a Supreme Court that can not read and understand our Constitution. They rule only in accordance with their individual ideological agendas. A Constitutional Amendment is needed to return to the original system of election of judges.

We have a Congress composed of, largely, self-serving, professional politicians. They do a lot of investigation of Government activities, but no heads roll in the halls of Washington. They are well able to “talk the talk,” but very few can “walk the walk.” You have only to review hearings on Benghaz[, IRS, NSA, VA, Hillary Clinton emails and others to get the message. There is a great, immediate need for a Constitutional Amendment to establish term limits for Congress.

WE THE PEOPLE are tired of the billions of dollars of Government waste in the name of ineptocracy and crony capitalism. Government is not the solution. . Government is the problem.

The long term key to reclaiming America from those who wish to destroy it, is a total overhaul of our liberal-controlled educational system. They have managed to “dumb down” a large segment of our society and turned them into useful idiots to benefit the Democrat Party.

A bit of history – We engaged in two World Wars to protect the freedom of the World. We fought in Korea for the freedom of the South Koreans. We fought in Vietnam for the freedom of the South Vietnamese. We fought two Gulf Wars for the freedom of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. We fought in Afghanistan because we were attacked.

To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln, we are now engaged in a civil war, against our owh government, to determine if a nation such as America can long endure. Can we shake off the chains of liberal-socialist domination or will the Land of the Free be cast into the dustbin of history? Our weapon is the ballot box.

It’s your choice AMERICA!





Obama and his administration have performed in lock step with the orders from his puppeteers, George Soros and Valerie Jarrett.  Collectively, they have violated our nation’s laws and circumvented our Constitution. Recall,if you will, the details of FAST AND FURIOUS, scandals such as NSA, IRS, VA, BENGHAZI, destroyed State Department emails and others that didn’t make the headlines.

If you will carefully analyze  every action of Obama and his administration, you will see the socialistic pattern set forth by his community organizer mentor, Saul Alinski, in his RULES FOR REVOLUTION.  Every action is pointed toward destroying America, from within,  as we have known it and reducing our country to a third world nation.
He has accomplished much of his agenda by increasing the National Debt to over $18 trillion, increasing unemployment. hiring thousands of additional government workers, issuing stifling regulations to bog down business, reducing our military capabilities and using unconstitutional Executive Orders to bypass the will of the people and the members of Congress. He has had the able assistance of the Democrat Party, RINOs(Republicans in Name Only), useful idiots who have been bought and paid for with Government handouts and
fellow  travelers from the socialistic and communistic element of our society.
George Soros, with his billions, has funded many left-wing organizations and spent millions of dollars to help defeat the candidates of the Tea Party and other conservatives in opposition to his socialistic programs.
The entire plot is undoubtedly aided and abetted by Valerie Jarrett, in the White House, and the Members of the
Muslim Brotherhood placed into the Administration by Obama.  In case you missed it, the Clinton’s daughter,Chelsea, was married at the New York estate of the daughter of George Soros.
Politicians of all stripes are wary of confronting Soros, for fear of not geting re-elected.  Some have just been
bought and placed in the Soros fold.
As further evidence, please remember Bill Clinton and his actions with Monica Lewinski and his subsequent lying to a Grand Jury. The law abiding House of Representatives brought impeachment charges, but the Democrat controlled Senate condoned his illegal actions. They have continued their support for lawlessness during the Obama Administration. The Democrat Party is probably the only deterrent to the impeachment of Obama for violation of his Oath of Office and unconstitutional actions.
From recent polls, it appears that approximately 40% of voters still don’t have a clue about Obama’s background and his radical agenda. Uless this situation changes, our nation is doomed to mediocrity, lawlessness and economic ruin.
Be aware that the Democrat Party will, in their usual manner, try to demonize all opposition candidates as election time approaches. Radical Muslims scream and shout “Islamaphobia”. Democrats play the Race Card or just tell outright lies close to voting day. An example of the latter is Harry Reid’s lie about Mitt Romney not paying taxes.