securedownload9The Muslim golf addict in the White House, a major mistake in American history,  is gone.  WE THE PEOPLE  have spoken, in spite of the millions of dollars from George Soros and others.  With the help of his countrymen, his successor will bow attempt to undo the tremendous amount of serious damage inflicted on America during Obama’s Administration.

It is VERY obvious that the LEFT (Democrats and others) are not interested in helping the country recover from the damage.  They want to continue the status quo to allow more drugs, criminals and terrorists to cross our porous border.  They want to re-institute their failed economic plans that kept us with eight years of recession, millions on food stamps, record unemployment and a loss of international respect.  The LEFTS plot to turn America into a third-world country gas failed.

The Democrat Party is so interested in returning to power at the mid-term elections that they may even shut down the government when they fail to get amnesty and open borders.  They have, as an objective, resist Trump.  They have no concern for the people or the country.  They are currently engaged in their usual tactics of lies, false charges, innuendo, personal attacks and other obstructive actions.