Qnce again, I detect a slight awakening of the American spirit, as citizens begin to protest the leftist takeover of our country.  It is apparent, however, that far too many are still listening to the “siren song” of Obama.  This is amazing after all the lies and misleading statements that have been exposed.  However, I also note that     approximately 40% of the electorate are still duped by the SOROS-CLINTON duplicity.  The Democrat Party has continued its leftward march begun decades ago.  Remember the Muslim belief in taquiyya and the Democrat Party propencity for using the BIG LIE. What has happened to the American people’s belief in the rule of law, individual responsibility and the support of the Constitution?  One answer, for discussion on another day, is our liberal(leftist) controlled educational system.

It is a well-known fact that Hillary Clinton is an inveterate liar as evidenced by her being caught in a number of scandals.  Like most Democrats, she has escaped prosecution.  It has been patently obvious, since Whitewater, that the Democrats condone illegal activity by Democrats.  Bill Clinton lied to a Grand Jury and got away with it.  If you want to understand what the Clintons are about, read Clinton Cash by Peter Schweizer.

This post will include sources to consult in order to further update your knowledge of the world and local threats to your liberty and freedom.  We should all be aware that the next President will likely appoint 3-4 Supreme Court justices,  Formerly posted references are included.  If your browser doesn’t accept the URL provided, copy it and paste it into your address block.


The Worst President in History by Matt Margolis and Mark Noonan

Clinton Cash by Peter Schweizer

The Islamic Anti-Christ by Joel Richardson

Radical-in-Chief by Stanley Kurtz(An excellent, well-documented history of Obama’s socialist training as a Chicago community organizer)

Because They Hate by Brigitte Gabriel (She has “been there, done that.”)

They Must Be Stopped by the above author

Outrage, Catastrophe and Take Back America-A Battle Plan by Dick Morris

Liberty and Tyranny by Mark Levin

Culture of Corruption by Michelle Malkin

The Politically Incorrect Guide to ISLAM and the CRUSADES by Robert Spencer

Saddams Secrets by Georges Sada (You can find out where the WMD’s went)

The AL QAEDA Connection by Paul L. Williams



WEBSITES: Paste or type in address block, if necessary (A look at the politics of money) (Good stats and information)



Go to: for Brigitte Gabriel’s weekly TV program

Communist Blueprint for Conquest-Google for the whole title

Homegrown Jihad-Order from

Many good videos are available on  Just search for “jihad” or “muslim