Twin disasters they are.  Any reasonably intelligent person who has an open mind and cares to do a modicum of investigation, can readily arrive at this conclusion.  If you will recall the results of almost every major action of the Obama Administration over the years since 2008, you will see its results in damage to the economy, increased unemployment and a reduction in National security.  He has proven himself to be an incompetent but useful idiot for those who revel in such results.  He has released prisoners from Guantanamo Bay to return to the battlefield as well as convicted felons returning to society with commuted sentences.  His immigration policies have greatly enhanced terrorist infiltration into our country.  Wake up America.

Hillary Clinton has been of questionable integrity at least since the days of the Whitewater scandal.  She followed this with Fostergate, Travelgate, Benghazi and the criminal treatment of classified material as Secretary of State.  However, being a Democrat, she has been able to avoid charges in all cases.  Democrats have a long record of condoning illegal activity by Democrats.  The Double Standard is alive and well in the Democrat Party.  In its most recent appearance, she was “whitewashed” because, although she was guilty,  she didn’t intend to commit the felony of mishandling classified material.  Five members of the military did not receive the same consideration.   May we now assume that a murderer that says he did not intend to kill the victim will not be charged?  It should also be remembered that her Harvard term paper concerned Saul Alinski, an avowed Socialist and she defended Communists during her law career.   Politicians seem to have a knack for avoiding retribution.  Wake up America.

Thirdly, a large segment of our electorate, having been dumbed down over the years by our liberal controlled educational system, will vote for anyone if they are black, female or a Democrat.  They give no logical consideration for their competency, character or integrity.  Their choice can lie before Congress or a Grand Jury, lay ruin to our homeland or endanger National security and still get their votes for a second term of office.  Facts do not seem to enter into the qualification equation.  Wake up America.