Norman ThomasHow much longer will a large number of you persist in being STUPID?  When are you going to realize you have been duped by the Democrat Party, aided by our corrupt educational system?  As the statement of Norman Thomas, above, says, the Democrat Party became the Socialist Party years ago.  They have insidiously worked their way into the fabric of our society as they took over our educational system and accomplished their brain-washing of several generations of gullible and easily influenced students.

All of this was done within the purview of a Republican Party that was more interested in prestige and a Government retirement paycheck than looking out for WE THE PEOPLE.  The current political campaign has opened many eyes, ears and minds as to the TRUE state of our nation and the corrupt condition of our so-called representatives in Washington.  It has taken a candidate , Donald Trump, unbought by big money, to “tell it like it is.”  Many politicians, of both parties, are panicked because their years of fraud committed on WE THE PEOPLE has been exposed.

Those of you who support the Democrat of either stripe would do well to review history before you commit another STUPIDITY.  Look at HRC;s scandalous past,  all the way from WHITEWATER via FOSTERGATE, TRAVELGATE and BENGHAZI to the STATE DEPARTMENT EMAILS .  You Sanders, a self-professed Socilist,  supporters would do well to take a look at how Socialism has failed wherever tried.  If you crave Socialism and all its Gimme Freebies, please go to Venezuela and get re-educated.  I;m sure a vast majority of his support comes from the fold of those who pay no income taxes, live on the Government dole or just worship the use of other people’s money.

This is  the hour for those who care for our country and its  future to ;get smart.”  The SILENT MAJORITY can no longer be silent.  We MUST ACT to save our nation from the tentacles of people and parties that are intent on the destruction of our freedom, economy, small government and the liberties that we have enjoyed in the past.  WE THE PEOPLE MUST ACTIVELY WORK to TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK from the left-leaning Democrat’s educational system and the current corrupt environment in our nation’s capitol.