Norman Thomas

As a result of the liberal brain-washing of the past decades in our educational system, Socialism has come to the forefront in the current Democrat primaries.  The rise of Bernie Sanders and the policies of Hillary Clinton have made it obvious. Note the comments of Norman Thomas, a well-known Socialist, above.

It is incomprehensible to me that ANYONE could support either of these people.  Sanders will clearly advance the country further in the area of bankruptcy and Clinton has violated numerous laws, including the damage to National Security from her private email system for Staye Department business.  If I had done what Clinton has done, during my military service, I would have been jailed long ago.   The lack of prosecution is typical of the Democrat Party. Her husband lied to a grand jury and got away with it, although still worshiped  by the useful idiots of his party.  He avoided impeachment because the Senate Democrats condoned his illegal actions.

The present election process is in a state of chaos as the Republicans seem intent on destroying each other and the Democrats struggle to find a candidate they think will win.  The only thing clear, at this point, is that WE THE PEOPLE are fed up with the Federal Government’s handling of the economy, foreign policy, national security e4ducatio, immigration and action to destroy ISIS.

Where do you stand, folks?  Are you part of the brain-washed, gimme crowd or do you prefer personal freedom, smaller government, immigration reform, secure borders and less regulation that drives up prices?


We the People