How much longer do you expect to tolerate the bombings, stabbings, beheadings, shootings and other attrocities comitted by radical Islamics? If you are waiting, as usual, for America to solve the problem, forget it. We are now led by a man of limited action who will not even say the words “radical Islamics.”  Please note that he was born and raised as a Muslim.  Our Congress is xirtually powerless to remedy the situation. Until the Democrats that remain in our Senate can be voted out of office, the rise of ISIS will continue,  without an overwhelming coalition of anti-radical Islamic force and prompt action.

We can not agree within our own ranks on a full plan of action to combat this source of imminent disaster that has been visited upon the Global community in past years. Radical Islamics have infiltrated many countries of our world and have proven that they can NEVER live in peace with their neighbors. Therefore, it is an immediate necessity that they be exterminated.  We THE PEOPLE, by and large, support a concerted action to rid our world of this blight upon our land.