Contrary to the rosy picture painted by the Obama Administration and their lapdog media, our country is on life support. We have a President who endeavors to destroy our country both economicaly and militarily. The astronomical National Debt he has created, with the aid of the Democrat Party, will take many decades to reduce to a manageable figure. Our borders are porous, as terrorists and cr[minal illegals enter with impunity.

We have abdicated our position of leadership in the Free World, and radical Islamists of many stripes are intimidating the entire world.  Little or no coordinated action is taken or planned.  It has now been announced that Obama’s “YES men” in the Pentagon will reduce our Army by 40,000 troops.

Our immigration and criminal justice systems are a disaster. Illegal aliens and released felons are preying on law-abiding citizens. Liberal judges and sanctuary cities are circumventing the law and common sense. We were founded as a nation of laws and the liberal-socialistic Democrat Party has chipped away at our foundation for decades. It’s time for a rebirth of liberty and freedom and a return to a nation of laws for the common good.

We have a Supreme Court that can not read and understand our Constitution. They rule only in accordance with their individual ideological agendas. A Constitutional Amendment is needed to return to the original system of election of judges.

We have a Congress composed of, largely, self-serving, professional politicians. They do a lot of investigation of Government activities, but no heads roll in the halls of Washington. They are well able to “talk the talk,” but very few can “walk the walk.” You have only to review hearings on Benghaz[, IRS, NSA, VA, Hillary Clinton emails and others to get the message. There is a great, immediate need for a Constitutional Amendment to establish term limits for Congress.

WE THE PEOPLE are tired of the billions of dollars of Government waste in the name of ineptocracy and crony capitalism. Government is not the solution. . Government is the problem.

The long term key to reclaiming America from those who wish to destroy it, is a total overhaul of our liberal-controlled educational system. They have managed to “dumb down” a large segment of our society and turned them into useful idiots to benefit the Democrat Party.

A bit of history – We engaged in two World Wars to protect the freedom of the World. We fought in Korea for the freedom of the South Koreans. We fought in Vietnam for the freedom of the South Vietnamese. We fought two Gulf Wars for the freedom of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. We fought in Afghanistan because we were attacked.

To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln, we are now engaged in a civil war, against our owh government, to determine if a nation such as America can long endure. Can we shake off the chains of liberal-socialist domination or will the Land of the Free be cast into the dustbin of history? Our weapon is the ballot box.

It’s your choice AMERICA!