Obama and his administration have performed in lock step with the orders from his puppeteers, George Soros and Valerie Jarrett.  Collectively, they have violated our nation’s laws and circumvented our Constitution. Recall,if you will, the details of FAST AND FURIOUS, scandals such as NSA, IRS, VA, BENGHAZI, destroyed State Department emails and others that didn’t make the headlines.

If you will carefully analyze  every action of Obama and his administration, you will see the socialistic pattern set forth by his community organizer mentor, Saul Alinski, in his RULES FOR REVOLUTION.  Every action is pointed toward destroying America, from within,  as we have known it and reducing our country to a third world nation.
He has accomplished much of his agenda by increasing the National Debt to over $18 trillion, increasing unemployment. hiring thousands of additional government workers, issuing stifling regulations to bog down business, reducing our military capabilities and using unconstitutional Executive Orders to bypass the will of the people and the members of Congress. He has had the able assistance of the Democrat Party, RINOs(Republicans in Name Only), useful idiots who have been bought and paid for with Government handouts and
fellow  travelers from the socialistic and communistic element of our society.
George Soros, with his billions, has funded many left-wing organizations and spent millions of dollars to help defeat the candidates of the Tea Party and other conservatives in opposition to his socialistic programs.
The entire plot is undoubtedly aided and abetted by Valerie Jarrett, in the White House, and the Members of the
Muslim Brotherhood placed into the Administration by Obama.  In case you missed it, the Clinton’s daughter,Chelsea, was married at the New York estate of the daughter of George Soros.
Politicians of all stripes are wary of confronting Soros, for fear of not geting re-elected.  Some have just been
bought and placed in the Soros fold.
As further evidence, please remember Bill Clinton and his actions with Monica Lewinski and his subsequent lying to a Grand Jury. The law abiding House of Representatives brought impeachment charges, but the Democrat controlled Senate condoned his illegal actions. They have continued their support for lawlessness during the Obama Administration. The Democrat Party is probably the only deterrent to the impeachment of Obama for violation of his Oath of Office and unconstitutional actions.
From recent polls, it appears that approximately 40% of voters still don’t have a clue about Obama’s background and his radical agenda. Uless this situation changes, our nation is doomed to mediocrity, lawlessness and economic ruin.
Be aware that the Democrat Party will, in their usual manner, try to demonize all opposition candidates as election time approaches. Radical Muslims scream and shout “Islamaphobia”. Democrats play the Race Card or just tell outright lies close to voting day. An example of the latter is Harry Reid’s lie about Mitt Romney not paying taxes.