Common sense died this day in 2008.  Aided by his rhetorically brain-washed useful idiots, our constitutional government , our freedoms and our  excellent health care systems were confiscated by a sleek charlatan and his leftist Democrat supporters.  This was the culmination  of a decades  long campaign by the leftists, aided and abetted by the RINO’s of the  Republican Party.

Unless those who care about this great country reject, in massive numbers, the liberal control of government, our liberty and freedom may be lost FOREVER.  It is imperative that control of the United States Senate be  wrested, in veto-proof numbers, from the leftist-controlled Democrat Party.  Those who vote with the leftists are contributing to the demise of this country as we have known it since its founding.

You have only to look at the incompetent and cover up actions of the Obama Administration – FAST AND FURIOUS, BENG HAZI, IRS, NSA, VA, the rise of ISIS, the debacle of IRAQ, EBOLA INACTION and untold others to realize that Obama is intent on reducing our country to a subservient third-world nation of big government control of our lives and fortunes.  He has aided the rise of radical Muslims throughout the world as they, by atrocities and intimidation , try to bring many countries into submission.  Our own country has allowed Muslims to proliferate and dictate the limitations of free speech, as they routinely scream “Islamaphobia.”  This is aq similar tactic to that used by the left against whoever opposes them – “Racism”   Those who live in this country are ALL bound by our Constitution and the laws of our country, which Obama circumvents with impunity.

The choice is yours,  America,  do we survive as a nation or do we end the work of our founding fathers with a whimper of submission?