You migtht be wondering who is to blame for the current state of insecurity in our country and the sorry condition of the economy and virtually everything else that once made our country great.  If you had been paying attention to current events during the last five years, you would have a clue.  Those of you who voted TWICE to elect a Muslim to our highest office and elected left-leaning Democrats to support him, along with the RINOs from the Republican party are responsible for the precarious position we endure today.

If more of you had been observant, you would not have been conned by a silver-tounged charlatan intent on the destruction of America.   This has become more evident in past years as the Muslim Brotherhood(MB) has gained more power and influence in Obama’s administration.  Did you know that at least SIX members of the NB are in policy making positions, including Homeland Security?  Did you know that they have established over 30 training camps in the US?  Did you know that over 1200 mosques exist within our borders?   Have you seen the growth of Muslim organizations throughout our country?  Have you fallen for the big lie that the Muslim religion is a peaceful religion?  Have you noted Obama’s lack of timely or consistent action against the ISIS militants in Iraq?  Have you noticed the assumption of dictatorial powers by Obama as he rewrites laws and constantly bypasses Congress? 

Are you aware that Obama is apparently planning to put down a revolt by the American citizens when they finally wake up and realize what’s going on?  Why do you suppose that Homeland Security has ordered millions of rounds of ammunition when they don’t even protect our porous southern border that is open to terrorists on a 24/7 basis?

Have you missed the message from ISIS and other Muslim organizations, such as Hamas and  Hezbollah, that iterate death to Israel and death to America?  Have you observed the brutal killing of Non-Muslims, particularly Christians, throughout the World?  There is blood on Obama’s hands and the hands of ALL who have kept him in office.