In case you haven’t noticed, EVERY action the Obama Administration and/or the Democrat Party have taken in the last six years has been to do one of the following:

  • A power grab
  • A  Reduction in individual freedom
  • Make more people dependent on Big Government (Case in point -Obamacare)
  • Support the expansion of Muslim organizations worldwide-Particularly the Muslim Brotherhood (Included in the Administration)
  • Increase the surveillance of law-abiding citizens who oppose his unconstitutional actions
  • Steal elections with the use of taxpayer supported Government agencies and voter fraud
  • Enhance corruption in DOJ(Dept. of Justice), IRS and VA
  • Lie after lie to cover up Benghazi, DOJ scandals, IRS scandal, VA scandal and others
  • Ignore the porous condition of our Southern Border in order to support  “back door” illegal immigration and illegal amnesty
  • Action which violates the US Constitution
  • Actions to enhance Socialism and destroy the economy, cause loss of jobs and make it much more difficult to regain the former greatness of America
  • Alienate our friends throughout the world, praise militant Muslims an diss our allies
  • Diminish America’s exceptionalism and try to reduce it to a third-rate nation
  • Increase the National Debt by supplemental appropriations

What caused this decline in America?  Quite simply, the American people have succumbed to the left’s giveaway tactics, an insidious, creeping approach of almost 100 years.  They have sold out to the siren call of the Socialists to follow them into the sewer pipe of Big Government.  About 50% of Americans receive Government payments and about the same percentage pay no income tax.  Everybody else picks up the tab, while those who have sold themselves vote for Socialism.  A vote for a Democrat is a vote for Socialism.

It is almost too late to recover the America we once knew, as our National Debt soars beyond $17 trillion, as measured by the Federal Reserve.  The true National Debt is actually about $126 trillion. (Including debt to China, Social Security, Obamacare and other entitlement programs.)

Before you enter the polls in November, think carefully about your action and remember that, more than ever before, ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES..