WE THE PEOPLE are fed up with the inaction of our Congress and the failure of the “Checks and Balances” in our Constitution.  Our borders are being, with Obama’ s blessing, infiltrated at an ever increasing rate.  Political correctness is rampant as the Muslims gain a larger footing in our society.  It is now reported that mid-easterners are changing to Hispanic names to disguise their identity and obtain drivers licenses in Texas.  While our nation sleeps, the sleeper cells expand.

Our Congress does nothing but hold hearings on FAST AND FURIOUS, MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD GROWTH, IRS, NSA, BENGHAZI, VA and the latest debacle – the terrorist swap for a deserter.  NO ONE has been held accountable for anything.  WE THE PEOPLE want heads to roll in the Halls of Government.  We are fed up with the waffling, pontification, posturing, photo ops and self-aggrandizement that proliferates in the Gongress.

Obama has been allowed, with the help of the Democrat Party, to violate the law, shred the Constitution, provide aid and comfort to our enemies, use taxpayer money to support Jihadists and elements of the Muslim Brotherhood(MB) and even appoint MB members to policy making positions in the Government, including Homeland Security.

IT IS PATENTLY OBVIOUS THAT OBAMA IS INTENT ON DESTROYING THIS COUNTRY BY ANY MEANS AT HIS DISPOSAL.  Witness his destruction of jobs, the economy, the coal industry, his refusal to advance our efforts at energy self-sufficiency and his lack of action to protect our borders.  Face it people, you have a Muslim President who would like to drag you kicking and screaming to the control of his religion of childhood.

Have you noted that Homeland Security has ordered millions of rounds of ammunition?  They are not protecting our border, so who do you think this is for?  I will leave  with this question.  Do you intend to roll over and play dead when Obama makes his final move to bring about capitulation of the country or will you take action now to demand that your representatives in Congress act to preserve our Constitution, our liberty, our freedoms and our daily lives?

We the People