WE THE  PEOPLE of this freedom loving country have had ENOUGH of the idiocy of the present Administration.  Our liberty-loving minions demand an end to the calculated destruction of our Constitution and our cherished values, by Obama, the Democrat Party and the establishment RINOs (Republicans In Name Only)..

ENOUGH – Of the lies, misdirection and cover up emanating from all corners of the Obama Administration

ENOUGH  –  Of the Obama agenda to destroy the economy, increase unemployment and over-regulate private industry

ENOUGH – Of Obama’s appeasement of the Muslim Brotherhood , CAIR and other Muslim entities intent on our destruction

ENOUGH – Of the Administration attempts to increase the Democrat voter rolls by making many more people dependent on government “hand outs” of taxpayer money, including illegal immigrants

ENOUGH – Of the “spinning” of every lie and illegal action the Administration is tagged with

ENOUGH – Of “Fast and Furious”, Benghazi, scandals and corruption in the IRS, NSA , VA and other government entities

ENOUGH – Of the denigrating of our country every time Obama speaks before an international audience

ENOUGH – Of the millions of dollars of taxpayer money financing the expensive vacations of the Obamas and their donor cronies and excessive staff members

ENOUGH – Of high taxes to support earmarks for political payoffs and government waste

ENOUGH – Of Obama violating his Oath of Office, rewriting our laws,  and circumventing the Congress and the Constitution

THEREFORE:  In order to restore the rule of law and our constitutional republic, we will vote out of office in November ALL Democrats, RINOs and Socialists of every ilk

We the People