• When are you going to stop being politically correct and put a stop to the proliferation of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in the Obama Administration?  It has been obvious for years that Obama, the Muslim, has aided and abetted the MB in Egypt, Syria and other areas of the world.
  • When are you going to reduce Government waste, that you have talked about for years, and done NOTHING?  When will you quit using the taxpayer’s money to buy votes with your earmarks?
  • When are you going to take action as a result of Congressional investigations instead of pontificating for public consumption?
  • When are you going to crack down on the growth of Jihadist training camps in the US?  When are you going to institute continued surveillance of the over 1,200 mosques in the US,  some of which are recruiting or preaching the Jihadist doctrine?  How much longer will the MB and the Imams be allowed to use our own laws and misguided political correctness to destroy us?
  • When will the Congress, as a whole, be more interested in protecting our borders rather than your own reelection?
  • When will you put an end to Obama’s unconstitutional circumvention of the Constitution, Congress and the laws of our country?  When will he be charged with violation of his Oath of Office?
  • WE THE PEOPLE demand that you represent us as you were elected to do, or you will be replaced by someone who cares about our Constitution and the protection of our nation.  You have a choice.  Make it wisely

We the People