Don't Tread on Me

The following, in an order that varies on occasion, are those individuals and entities who are actively engaged in insidious attempts to destroy our country.  With the collusion of uninformed voters and fellow travelers, they have made considerable progress during the Obama Administration.  Subsequent to the listing, I will, once again, present a few sources to acquaint you with the true state of our union.  Obama’s flowery lies have lulled many into a false sense of security and into the clutches of the destroyers.

  1. George Soros and Valerie Jarrett – Obama’s puppeteers
  2. Barack Hussein Obama – For reasons obvious to the informed as well as his inclusion of many members of the Muslim Brotherhood as advisers to his administration
  3. Muslim Brotherhood – Presently conducting serious infiltration of our government,  aided by political correctness and the Muslim in the White House
  4. Islamic Jihadists – Supported by the Muslim Brotherhood, as evidenced in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and Syria
  5. Harry Reid – Lap dog for Obama
  6. Nancy Pelosi – Lap dog for Obama
  7. 7.Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party – Marching in lock-step with Obama’s destructive policies
  8. RINOS (REPUBLICANS IN NAME ONLY) – These people have abdicated their principles with a “go along to get along” attitude.  They are complicit in the gradual encroachment of Socialism over many decades.  They suffer from a lack of Term Limits..

All of the above are engaged in a coordinated effort to bring America to the status of a third world country and to subjugate all of our citizens.  Obamacare is merely one instrument of our destruction.  Virtually every law or Executive Order in the past five years is a step toward complete control and governmental dependence for our country. 

The following references are great for educating yourself on the TRUE state of our union.  The first few are particularly useful in understanding what Obama’s REAL objectives are for America.


  1. Radical-in-Chief by Stanley Kurtz – Gives an excellent history of Obama’s socialist connections from Occidental College to training at Cooper Union in New York and his life as a community organizer in South Chicago.
  2. The Shadow Party by David Horowitz and Richard Poe – How George Soros, Hillary Clinton and Sixties radicals seized control of the Democratic Party
  3. The Grand Jihad by Andrew C. McCarthy – How Islam and the Left sabotage America
  4. Muslim Brotherhood in America by Robert Spencer – A good look at the infiltration we are experiencing
  5. The Muslim Brotherhood in the Obama Administration by Frank Gaffney