We the People



I have sent the following to the Republican National Committee:

I have supported the Republican Party for over 60 years. I also have watched and listened over the years as it has become more interested in self-agrandizement and drifted from the precepts of our founding fathers.  Controlled by a herd of RINOS, it has become a master at “go along to get along.”  The paramount objective of most elected Congressional party members has been to get re-elected – not to serve the interests of those whom they represent.  They have joined the Left in a consumate policy of political correctness that has a great potential for destroying this country.

In past Presidential elections, we the people have been offered RINOS like McCain, Romney, Dole and to a certain extent two Bushes.  The principles espoused by the Tea Party, which are in consonance with the Constitution, have been dissed by establishment RINOS such as Carl Rove and John McCain  The unconstitutional actions by Obama have gone virtually unchallenged, as our system of checks and balances is trampled in the dust.  Since the Tea Party desires to restore the Constitution, personal freedom and liberty as well as low taxes and smaller government, the attitude of the Republican Party is an abdication of its basic principles.  I can no longer support such a party.

As one of our founding documents stated:

“When in the course of human events, etc.”

You now have my causes which impel me to separation.  I have been a Life Member of the RNC for years.  I am tired of the constant deluge of so-called Surveys (thinly disguised duns for money) that arrive almost daily from numerous sources  The money I have contributed over the years has not been well-spent as far as I’m concerned, as Republicans have continually “caved” to the Socialist Democrat Party.  They have aided and abeted the gradual encroachment of Socialism and the insidius advance of the Muslim Brotherhood, for decades.  Obama, the Muslim President, has consistently shown his support for the Muslim Brotherhood, in Libya, Syria and Egypt.  He is currently looking for an excuse to aid the Muslim Brotherhood rebels in Syria.  He has given almost $150 million to the Palestinians. The entire Washington establishment needs to wake up to the fact that these people want to kill us and they are killing daily throughout the world.  Congress is apparently  clueless as to Obama’s real objective to destroy our country.  Our nation is in peril and all the Republican Party offers is a leaky boat.

Therefore, I herewith submit my resignation as a Life Member of the RNC.  I will support only those who are interested in returning our country to its former status as the bastion of freedom , liberty, oppurtunity and security for all citizens.

Please remove my name and address from ALL lists immediately.