If you have been even casually observant of late, you couldn’t help but notice the Obama Administration’s duplicity in many areas. This is your Muslim ineptocracy at work. The Obama agenda is becoming apparent to even the devout apologists for radical Islam, when they open their eyes and ears only slightly.

Obama has shown his support for the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda in Libya, Tunis, Egypt and Syria.  He gave almost $150 million in aid to the Palestinians and currently looking for an excuse to intervene on the side of the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda in Syria.  In view of the current defeat of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Obama’s lies regarding the “peaceful religion of the Muslims” ring hollow.  It is altogether evident that after over 8,000 violent Jihadists actions, throughout the world, during Obama’s last four years in office, and thousands of people killed, the scourge of the world are radical Islamists.

.Obama has been in a state of denial insofar as radical Islam is concerned.  He has made this patently obvious by calling the Fort Hood massacre  “workplace violence” and the war against Islamists in Afghanistan and Iraq “overseas contingency operations.”  His agenda for the subversion and destruction of our country should be materializing for all but the hard-core leftists and Muslim Brotherhood supporters.  If he continues unchecked, he will accomplish his objective of destroying this country and garnering the subservience of its citizens.  He has at least SIX members of the Muslim Brotherhood as advisors on Muslim relations and a native of Iran, Valerie Jarrett, calling the action.

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