Don't Tread on MeI have sent the following message to my three Congressional representatives and a few others in Congress.  How much longer are WE THE PEOPLE going to tolerate the lack of concern for our country and the taxpayers who support it?

Our justice system is badly broken and needs fixing.  WE THE PEOPLE are EXTREMELY tired of waiting for years for the trial and conviction of mass murderers of the radical Islamic or any other variety.  We have no resolution of the cases of Gtmo detainees, the Tucson shooter, the FT Hood shooter, the guilty party in Benghazi, the Aurora shooter ,  the responsibility for “Fast and Furious” or,I believe, the West Virginia and Little Rock shooters, among others.  There is an IMMEDIATE need for swift justice and a mandatory death penalty.  Why are these people allowed to remain, at taxpayer expense, while the wheels of justice grind excedingly slowly?  There is certainly enough waste of our money already in Washington.

We  are now facing the investigation of transgressions by the Department of Justice(again) and the Internal Revenue Service.  Obama is trying to take the heat off his Muslim friends, as well as release some of the Muslim combatants incarcerated at Guantanamo.  It is patently clear that we have an Executive branch of the Federal Government that is not on our side, as he promotes the Muslim cause by misdirection and more taquiyya about how great the Muslims are.

It appears that swift justice is reserved for those who tell the truth about Islam or produce a video that Obama doesn’t like. Political correctness is helping our enemies to take advantage of our laws to subvert the country.  Are we going to continue on this path of self-destruction?  {n spite of the thousands of Jihad related murders throughout the world, political correctness has enabled the growth of radical Islam in this country and the situation becomes more dangerous.  The recent bombing in Boston is only a continuation of World Trade Center 1 and 2 or the attack on the Pentagon. Obama even refuses to call these incidents what they are – the outward manifestation of a bloodthirsty religion steeped in a desire to kill all non-believers.

Action is required, IMMEDIATELY, to counteract the radical Muslim inroads in our country, the closure of the approximately 35 Muslim Brotherhood training camps and the instances of the application of Sharia law in this country.  Investigation of all Muslims is going to be required and the deportation of all with the radical ideology.

Our system of checks and balances is NOT WORKING.  Obama has run roughshod over the Constitution and circumvented the Congress time and again. The man has been an unmitigated disaster for our country.   The courts are no help , so it is up to the Congress to restore our country to prosperity, freedom and the rule of law.