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WHEREAS:  Barack Hussein Obama has embarked on a systematic campaign to destroy the economy, health care, freedom and the Constitutional rights of all American citizens and

WHEREAS:  Obama has instituted policies and regulations designed to increase unemployment, small business expenses, energy costs and a gross failure to adequately protect our borders and

WHEREAS:  Obama, as directed by George Soros and other Socialist Puppet Masters, has consistently steered all Federal Government action toward more control over ALL facets of our daily lives, in violation of our Constitutional limitation on the permitted powers of the Federal Government and

WHEREAS:  Obama has, with his many ill-advised programs and projects, increased the National Debt far beyond our ability to repay for decades and

WHEREAS:  Lack of action by the Obama administration results in millions of unemployed, 46 million on food stamps and employers unable to resume hiring as a result of Obamacare and confusing regulations and

WHEREAS:  Obama has continually circumvented the will of the people, the Constitution and Congress by the use of Executive orders and regulations from his “puppet” czars and

WHEREAS:  Our checks and balances system established in the Constitution has not alleviated the usual Democratic Party propensity to TAX and SPEND and

WHEREAS:  The Obama administration is devoid of any knowledge of economics and

WHEREAS:  Many of our so-called representatives in Washington are interested only in their own reelection


1    We support only those candidates pledged to sponsor legislation to establish TERM LIMITS on both Senators and Representatives.

2.    We support only those candidates who share and espouse our belief in small government, low taxes and freedom of the individual.

3.    We will work actively to help defeat Democrats who support the Socialist policies of Obama as well as the RHINOs (Republican in name only) who have abdicated the principles we once shared.

4.    We recognize that Obama is following the same “overload the system” and “bottom up – top down” strategy he used as a community organizer in South Chicago.

5.    We are aware of the insidious plan to train young minds in our educational system as liberals have, for many decades, seized control of  the K-college curricula and spread their disinformation and misinformation.  We will work to replace these mis-guided zealots with citizens who will return the schoolroom environment to a house of learning.  We support a voucher system as a competitor to the existing failed public school bureaucracy.


We the People