Today, I burn bridges with my fellow countrymen who had the absolute STUPIDITY to reelect an ARROGANT,  Socialist, Fascist Muslim to the highest office in the land.  My fellow Republicans, who stayed home, are equally guilty of STUPIDITY in helping to destroy our country.

For your edification, I would like to outline the consequences of your action.

1.   The Supreme Court will likely become a tool of the liberals, anarchists, Communists and other radicals in the Obama Administration. The Constitution will be DEAD.

2.   OBAMACARE will be fully implemented with a constant rise in health insurance premiums until ALL change to the government single payer plan.  You will wait months for routine or urgent medical care.  Just ask a Canadian citizen what they think of socialized medicine.

3.   The economy will continue its headlong trip to the eventual disaster, in accordance with Obama’s desires that we become a third world country and distribute our wealth to the unproductive segment.

4.   There will be a concerted push to abrogate the Second amendment to our Constitution in consort with United Nations treaties.

5.   Freedom of speech will be DEAD if Obama is successful in banning any derogatory remarks about his Muslim kin.

6.   You have seen the beginning of 5 above, in California, where the producer of an obscure video has been rapidly convicted, at White House request,  and imprisoned.  He bore the blame for the riots against our diplomatic facilities in the Mideast.  This after Obama repeated many times at the Democrats convention, “General Motors is alive and Osama bin Laden is dead.”  If you will recall, or even care, our attackers chanted, “Obama, Obama we are all Osama.”

7.   Small business in our country will continue to suffer from increased regulation and ever higher health insurance premiums.  Many more people will lose their jobs and/or their employer-paid insurance, as Obama completes his plan of destruction of our country.

I could list many more undesirable results you have visited upon our country,  but I won’t waste my time.  You didn’t listen four years ago or now.  You will experience the consequences of your action and other results will be patently clear.

In parting, I would like to state that I fought twice for freedom, but if you get in trouble in the future, don’t call me.  Call the Muslim in the White House.