You may choose to continue the headlong Obama rush to Socialism or you can vote to return to the America we were given by our Forefathers who established a Constitution guaranteeing freedom and liberty for all.  If you will honestly examine Obama’s abysmal record of the last four years, envision it getting worse if he gets another four years.  If you had bothered to take the time to investigate Obama’s past history, you will note that he has been busily engaged in a systematic destruction of our country as dictated by the Socialist, Saul Alinsky.

His flowery speeches have lured many, unknowingly, to the entrance to the sewer pipe of Socialism.  The man is a consumate liar, in accordance with his Muslim heritage that teaches that “taquiyya”, lying for a cause, is permissible.  He has been caught in numerous lies over the last four years.  The list includes “Fast and Furious”, various statements regarding how many jobs he has created and the murder of our consulate personnel in Benghazi, including our ambassador, to mention a few of the more recent.

The choice is clear, the slavery of Socialism or the liberty and freedom of our constitutional government.  YOU DECIDE NOW.  THERE IS NO LATER.