1. Diehard Socialists, Communists, anarchists or America haters
  2. Uniformed – Those who can’t be bothered to discover the real Obama
  3. Misinformed – Those who listen only to the biased, left-leaning mainstream media and the flowery rhetorical lies spouted by Obama and his fellow travelers.
  4. The “gimme” crowd – Those who want something for nothing or who want something for something as long as someone else pays for it.
  5. Those who are gullible beyond belief.  This category might also include those who have been “brainwashed” over the years by the liberal-controlled educational system.
  6. Those who really like corruption in big government.
  7. Those who enjoy paying higher taxes.
  8. Those who believe in the Democrats constant class warfare to divide the country.
  9. Those illegal aliens who have, through voter fraud, been registered to vote.
  10. Those who are just plain stupid.

If you are in any of the above categories, please re-educate yourself for the sake of the preservation of freedom and liberty in our country.  Three sources, referenced below, will give you an excellent understanding of Obama’s REAL agenda and objectives.

Radical-in-Chief –  by Stanley Kurtz.  This book provides an insight into Dbama’s work in South Chicago and his Socialist indoctrination.

Fool Me Twice:  Obama’s Shocking Plans for the Next Four Years – by Aaron Klein and Brenda J. Elliott

Waking the Sleeping Giant:  How Mainstream Americans Can Beat Liberals at Their Own Game – by Timothy Daughtry and Gary R. Casselman

This election, in November, is critical to the survival of our nation.  It is of paramount importance that Obama be removed from office, along with his associated Czars, Socialists, Communists and anarchists.  The rule by George Soros and other America haters MUST be terminated NOW.