As we approach November, you will note a vast increase in the quantity, but not the quality, of the lies, innuendo, false “facts” and other rhetoric from the liberal left. They are now “on message” to spread as many falsehoods as possible. If you pay attention, you will hear the same lie from many different Democrats within hours.  They are aware that, if they lie loudly enough and often enough, their lies will become believable to the gullible among us.

One of the current “pitches” is to make Romney sound like a bad guy for offshore investments, They don’t bother to mention the fact that the Chairwoman of the DNC is doing the same thing, along with many other liberals, according to their investment information on file. This is another typical liberal tactic to accuse opponents of things they do themselves in order to misdirect attention away from their own actions. One of their other often-used tactics is to harp on rhetoric that further divides the country through class warfare. Obama lied when he gave flowery speeches about uniting the country when all he wanted to do was divide it further to suit his Socialist agenda.

The cry has also gone out from all liberal quarters to claim racism as states try to purge their voter rolls and reduce voter fraud. The Democrats have benefitted for years from the actions of ACORN, SEIU and other groups involved in and convicted of voter fraud. The voter rolls throughout the country contain the names of many of the deceased. They invariably vote Democratic.

Whenever an attempt is made to purify the voter rolls or anything else the liberals deem a vote loss for themselves, they will immediately cry racism, start calling names and accusing the opposition of killing old people, children or other lies. It’s amazing how many people fall for this, but considering the fact that they have largely been educated in a liberal-controlled educational system, it is not altogether surprising.

Wake up America and learn what is really going on in our country. WE THE PEOPLE, solely, can TAKE BACK AMERICA, in November.