Obama and His Record

Obama has violated his oath of office in many ways and, thus far, has gotten away with it.  What has happened to our system of checks and balances established under our Constitution? It appears that too many of our so-called representatives are more interested in their reelection than enforcing the laws of the country and the provisions of the Constitution.

Obama has often circumvented Congress and the Constitution. He accomplishes this with Executive Orders or “stonewalling”, as in the case of the documents on the Fast and Furious debacle. The latest, after the Supreme Court decision on the Arizona immigration law, is a notification to AZ authorities that the Feds will not accept illegals from AZ police. Once again, he has refused to enforce the laws of our country. He should be impeached with charges of violation of his oath of office, failure to protect the borders of our country and corruption in office. The latter charge relates to the political bailout payoffs to his donors.

Those  who have taken an interest in the welfare of the country are aware of the agenda Obama follows in order to destroy the capitalist system and reduce America to the status of a third world socialistic country. Virtually every action he has taken, since 2008, has been done with this objective in mind. Most Americans do not recognize the signs because of the creeping Socialism introduced by the Democratic Party over many decades. He does not want the economy to recover because that would halt the debt-ridden spiral that exists today. The tactics he used, as a community organizer in South Chicago, are the same as he uses today. He follows the dictates of Saul Alinski in regard to overloading the system and spreading the wealth in a socialistic society.

If you have an interest in your country and would like to learn more, I have previously recommended two books that will give you a thorough insight into what Obama is up to and the methods he has used and will be using. As long as many of you continue to be duped by his flowery, teleprompter speeches, he will continue in the same vein.

Radical-jn-Chief by Stanley Kurtz

Waking the Sleeping Giant by Timothy C. Daughtry and Gary R. Casselman