The ultra-left of the Democratic Party comprise only about 20% of the voting population. They manage to control elections through misinformation, flowery rhetoric, bullying, lies, innuendo, name calling and voter fraud. The so-called “silent majority” is, at last, showing signs of waking and realizing that new tactics are required to save our country from the mire of failed Socialism. We MUST go on the offence and abandon our past plan of defense of our position. Our prior approach to dealing with liberals played directly into their plans for power and control. We have to abandon our desire to obtain peaceful resolution of national problems. Our compromise results ONLY in another liberal advancement of their cause. In the present election cycle, we need to hammer daily on a resume of ACTIONS, NOT WORDS, of the leftists who now execute their agenda to destroy our republic.

I highly recommend the book, Waking the Sleeping Giant:How Mainstream Americans Can Beat Liberals At Their Own Game by Timothy C. Daughtry, PhD and Gary R. Casselman, PhD. You will find a history of how the liberals have executed their insidious plot to subvert the cultural institutions such as the school systems of our country(particularly colleges and universities), the entertainment industry and the media. Tools are provided to reverse the trend toward Socialism that we have experienced for decades and as exacerbated by the Obama Administration.

The “silent majority” of mainstream Americans MUST carry the battle to the liberals and educate the uninformed and misinformed among us. It is imperative that the tactics and real agenda of the left be communicated loud and clear to those who still blindly support Obama and his band of anarchists, Socialists, Communists and his “gimme crowd.” Do not overlook the fact that almost 50% of the population pay no income tax and they are particularly receptive to Obama’s clarion call for class warfare.

In essence, it is not an overstatement to say that the upcoming election in November will determine whether we exist as a free nation or become subjects of a Socialist state, with total control over our lives, our future and our fortunes.