This man, a born and raised Muslim, has an objective of the destruction of the American heritage of freedom, personal liberty and constitutional government.  If you will review his actions to date, you will see a clear pattern of erosion of those factors that have made America the ONLY bastion of liberty, freedom and government by the people, in the world.

Virtually every word this man speaks is a calculated lie intended to deceive the voters, and his Executive Orders are designed to circumvent the Constitution and the will of Congress and the people.  His objective is to change America to a European style Socialist, third-world country.  If you will consult, Radical-in-Chief by Stanley Kurtz, you will obtain a full understanding of his background and training as a Socialist prior to his becoming a community organizer in South Chicago.  He marches to the orders of the likes of George Soros, Peter Lewis(Progressive Insurance) and other moneyed entities with an axe to grind against our capitalist economy that has made this nation among the most prosperous in the world.  He, as other Democrats, believes in punishing success with higher taxes and distribution of wealth to the non-productive members of society.


Do not overlook the fact that Muslims believe in “taquiyya”, a principle that allows lying to benefit the cause.  His actions in bowing before mideastern potentates and his lack of support for Israel are indicative of his continued adherence to  Muslim tradition.  He continues to denigrate our country before foreign audiences. He should be held accountable for hate crimes against America.

He and his wife intend to “milk” the taxpayers for all they can, while they can.  You have, no doubt, seen reports of the dozens of family vacations, golf games, weekend jaunts, campaign trips at taxpayer expense and the frequent foreign travel junkets for the Obama family.  One example, noted recently, Michelle Obama’s vacation in Spain, cost the taxpayers $467,000-the cost for her and her LARGE entourage.

The currently visible investigation of Operation FAST AND FURIOUS is developing evidence that indicates its objective was to attack  Second Ammendment rights.  Obama, Hillary Clinton and others in the Administration are well known for their opposition to our right to keep and bear arms.  It should be noted that disarming the citizens was one of the first moves made by the Nazis and Communists-to help gain control of the citizenry.


Obama is currently charged with using taxpayer money to finance his campaigning, even as he is supported with millions of dollars from leftists of every stripe.  His puppet master, billionaire George Soros, and other left-leaning types continue to finance him through socialist entities such as and political action committees.  He also enjoys support from the former ACORN organization, still in operation under a myriad of titles to avoid association with  the proven group involvement with voter fraud and advocacy of illegal business activity.






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