My intent in this questioning of the motives of those of you out there who continue to support Obama is to encourage you to rethink the true nature of this man who wants to destroy America.

He has destroyed our economy and put millions of people out of work, all the while trying to blame someone else for his own actions.

Do you approve of the activities of Obama’s Justice Department as it aided the transfer of weapons to Mexican drug cartels, in Operation Fast and Furious?  Do you know that weapons from these transfers have already been used in the deaths of at least two Americans and hundreds, if not thousands, of Mexicans?

Do you approve of the Obama Administration’s failure to protect our southern border? Do you know that deaths and kidnappings in our country have been attributed to illegals crossing this porous border?

Do you approve the humungous increase in government spending, until we have a national debt approaching $16 trillion? This debt hangs as a liability for us, our children, our grandchildren, our great grandchildren and beyond.

Do you approve of the vast waste of taxpayer funds, hundreds of millions of dollars, for Solyndra and other failed solar projects?

Do you enjoy the escalation of gasoline prices, as we see the consequences of Obama’s throtlling of domestic oil production? Do you know that just one of our oil fields is said by US Geodetic Survey to contain more recoverable oil than Saudi Arabia?

Do you approve of the bailout of banks and auto manufacturers? Do you know that control of industry is one of the basic tenets of seizing control of a country?

Do you approve the expenditure of over $837,000 to finance a Las Vegas party for Obama’s GSA and numerous comedy videos, at taxpayer expense?

Do you know, or do you care, that Obama received Socialist training in New York City prior to his stint as a community organizer in South Chicago where he worked with many of his present staff of Socialists, Communists, anarchists and tax evaders?

Do you know that one of Obama’s original staff is a self-styled Communist?  Do you know that he now works for George Soros?  Do you know that another of his staff makes an idol out of Mao?  Is she the one who hung the Mao ornament on the White House Christmas tree?

Do you approve of the actions of Obama’s Secret Service in the case of the prostitute scandal in Columbia?

Do you really want Obamacare so much that you will sell your soul, liberty and freedom for it?

Are you possibly among the approximately 47% that pay no income tax but dutifully want to join Obama to invoke higher taxes for the rest of us to provide you with freebies?  He constantly plays the class warfare card.

Do you realize that when Obama promised change he was refering to converting America to European style Socialism.?

Do you approve of the POLITICAL CORRECTNESS that is seeping into our country, in order to give us a false sense of security from the Muslim infiltrators among us? Do you realize there are several dozen training camps here run by the Muslim Brotherhood? Again, scroll down to my sources for the videos and documentation.

The items listed above are just a few of Obama’s actions to bring America to the status of a third world country. His regulatory minions are determined to destroy small business. Are you misled by his flowery rhetoric? He gives lip service to putting people back to work, while behind the photo-op he works to make more citizens dependent on government handouts.

He constantly works to cicumvent the Constitution and Congress.

Do you recognize the similarity between Obama’s vision and that of Joseph Stalin and Adolph Hitler? The pattern is there. If you will read just one or two of the sources listed in my previous posts (scroll down) you can find complete documentation. Please educate yourself on the true state of affairs in our country and the world.

Please realize that, in order to preserve the liberty, freedom and the continuance of personal choice given to us by the Founding Fathers, it is IMPERATIVE that WE THE PEOPLE take back our country in November.  End the Obama conspiracy


This video states the case of WE THE PEOPLE