The fate of our nation hangs in the balance this November.  WE THE PEOPLE will decide whether the ONE bastion of liberty and freedom in the world will live and prosper.  Or will it succumb to the lies and flowery rhetoric of Obama the Socialist?  It is imperative that those who love our country, warts and all, ACT to VOTE OUT Obama and his band of Senate fellow travelers who are intent on the destruction of our economy and the freedoms we enjoy.

We are faced with two major opponents in the cause for retaining those American values obtained by the blood, sweat and tears of countless generations since the founding of our nation.  The militant Muslims(Jihadists) want us subjugated or dead.  They have infiltrated our society and reside here as a politically correct, increasingly serious danger to the safety of all our citizens.  The second danger, our own government, is the constant drumbeat from Obama to march down the path to Socialism and the status of a third world country.  Every action the man has taken, since his unfortunate election, has been a reduction of freedom and prosperity,  I firmly believe, based on considerable evidence, that both Obama and his wife hate this country and will rejoice in its demise.

In recent weeks, Obama has taken several steps to gain more control over the populace, without the consent of Congress.  More and more, he uses Executive Orders to establish firm dominance of WE THE PEOPLE.  This is precisely the pattern followed in earlier years by both the Russian Communists and the Nazis.  Both of these entities gained control by flowery rhetoric and “pie in the sky” promises. Congress has been unable to stop him because of  Obama’s Senate majority of fellow travelers.  The Democratic Party has been confiscated by George Soros, Peter Lewis, radicals and left-leaning adherents of all stripes.

Obama has worked feverishly to gain more control over all Americans, as he plays the “race card” and pits one class against another.  This, again, was a tactic used by the Communists and Nazis.  If you would like to see what he is really up to, read Radical-in-Chief by Stanley Kurtz.  This is a well-documented explanation of Obama’s background and training in Socialism.