Now is the hour when we MUST all come to a realization of the TRUE NATURE of the events taking place in our country and on the world scene.  It is far past time to bury heads in the sand while civilization, as we know it, crumbles around us.

This country has elected a President who is avidly intent on destroying our way of life, our freedoms and reducing America to a third world status while distributing the wealth of our nation to the masses.  He learned the modus operandi at Occidental College, enhanced his education at Socialist conferences in New York and got his “on the job training” in South Chicago.  The latter location was his meeting ground with many of his present collection of tax evaders, anarchists, Socialists and avowed Communists who are the “Czars” of his administration.

I STRONGLY  recommend one book for a thorough background in Obama’s past history and an understanding of his motivations, rhetoric and deception as he manipulates his following among us.

Radical-in-Chief by Stanley Kurtz

The other situation we need to be cognizant of concerns the worldwide rising of Islam.  This is becoming an ever increasing problem in our country as well as throughout the world.  Some of the reasons for this relate to the traditional Western attitude of political correctness,apathy and lack of knowledge regarding things foreign to our conventional thinking.  Multiple terrorist incidents have taken place in our country and in our world over several decades.  So-called moderate Muslims have tried to pacify us with claims that Islam is a “peaceful” religion.  This is a lie.  Muslims are responsible for over 90% of the terrorist activity in the world.  I recommend one book as a reference to understand the religion of Islam, its history, its doctrines and its objective of world domination and conversion.  Be advised that, when the Islamic conquest is complete, you will be given three choices-conversion to Islam, subjugation to the Caliphate or beheading.  It’s your choice.  Read this book.

The Islamic Antichrist by Joel Richardson

You will also learn how Muslims are commanded to lie by two doctrines-kithman and taqiyya.   The former, involves hiding the truth while the latter proscribes outright lying to further the cause of Allah.  This is their technique for deception in order to hide their objective of world domination, subjugation and conversion.