In view of the current unrest in the Middle East, I will cover the underlying factors behind the protest actions taking place throughout the world.  This is a situation that we in the United States have brought upon ourselves,  and the rest of the world, by our penchant for political correctness and our vote in 2008.  The majority of voters in this country did not care enough to even investigate a small part of Obama’s history as a Socialist organizer in South Chicago.  As a consequence, we are now faced with major problems in many facets of our national personal and political lives, both here and abroad.

As an excellent source of information, in this regard, I heartily recommend a book, Radical-in-Chief, by Stanley Kurtz.  This is a well-documented and easy-to-follow, mostly chronological, history of Obama’s long support of leftist and Socialist causes. It is available as a NOOK book  from Barnes and Noble or a KINDLE book from Amazon, as well as in other bookstores and libraries. I have both of these ebook readers and find them to be excellent. Kurtz takes you from Obama’s first known Socialist interests at Occidental College, through his attendance at Socialist seminars at Cooper Union, in New York, in 1983, and on to his deep involvement with the Midwest Academy, ACORN, SEIU, Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright and other Socialist endeavors in South Chicago. He served on the boards of several Socialist foundations that sent funding to numerous leftist organizations.  During Campaign 2008, Obama’s campaign staff expended huge sums to hide the fact of his Socialist history.

Obama has demonstrated, time and again, that he has a deep-seated hatred for our American capitalist society and freedom.  He is determined to set one class against another, redistribute the wealth of the nation, destroy capitalism and establish firm control over business and our personal lives.  In order to see his objectives, you have only to look behind the flowery rhetoric, the outright lies and misdirection.  This is not only the Socialists plan for our country, but also it is manifest in the video I have previously recommended, Communist Blueprint for Conquest.

The uprisings we are witnessing today are part and parcel of the Muslims plan to establish the Third Caliphate, a calculated plan of domination and control, with the associated enforcement of Sharia Law.  They have already made inroads, in this plot, in Spain, England, France and other countries, including our own. The latter has been accomplished by the means of the political correctness that exists in many areas.  The present uprisings in Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria are, in large part, orchestrated by the Muslim Brotherhood and/or its closest associates.

The Muslim Brotherhood has been found to be behind the establishment of the 35 known Jihad-friendly training camps in our country.  I have previously mentioned the applicable video, Homegrown Jihad, obtainable from the website, CHRISTIAN ACTION.ORG.  This video shows the actual training camps and their locations.  There are many “sleeper cells” in our country, as a result of our lax immigration policies and our porous borders.  They merely await the orders to strike at the heart of our country.  I believe the results will be catastrophic.

In my next post, I will update my list of references for your use in delving deeper into what is really going on in this country and the world.  I consider that it is imperative that the American people wake up and join in the defense of the return to the dictates of the Constitution and the rule of law.  We MUST NOT allow political correctness become the architect of our own destruction.

The below map, does not show the training camps, but it does show the infiltration of our country by various militant Muslim organizations.