I have been “off the blog” for a bit while delving into more evidence of the dangers now facing our country.  I will be expounding on several subjects during the coming weeks and I will disclose some of the evidence by way of recommendations for your own research.  I don’t expect you to accept, without question, my details of the “real state of the union.”

I will be covering the following topics, among others, during the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

  • The dangers posed by the unsupportable national debt
  • The real history of Obama’s socialist training as a community organizer
  • The origin of his true association with the anarchists, socialists and communists
  • The nature of the imminent danger of militant Islamics
  • The danger to our country of political correctness
  • The ultimate objectives of the Obama Socialist Administration
  • The imperative of returning to a nation of Constitutional  Law and small government
  • The possible solutions to our immigration and border security problems