Obama lies over the ocean,

Obama lies over the sea,

Obama lies in this country,

Oh bring back my country to me.


WE THE PEOPLE accomplished MUCH with the November election, but there is yet more to be done to rid our nation of the curse of Obama sanctioned Socialism He continues to live in denial of the election results and the wants and desires of the American people.  He is still responding ONLY to the “puppet strings” being manipulated by his known handlers, such as George Soros and other advocates of the destruction of our economy and the freedoms we enjoy. The man speaks a lie almost every time he opens his mouth. He is a master at misleading rhetoric and misdirection. This is, undoubtedly, the reason he was chosen to advance the “fundamental reform of America.”

Once again, I implore those of you who have not learned what is REALLY going on in this country to educate yourself with some of the following references:


Radical-in-Chief:  Barack Obama and the Untold Story of American Socialism by STANLEY KURTZ

He documents Obama’s earlier days when he attended Socialist conferences in New York and points out the activities of the Midwest Academy, located in Chicago, in social organizing.  This is information Obama tried, repeatedly, to hide from the American public during the 2008 election.  In fact, he tried to hide everything about his past, including his birth, his college days and his association with radicals such as Reverend Wright and bomb-thrower William Ayers.  He has, most recently, attempted to follow the new-found strategy of the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) Socialists of the Midwest Academy.


Glenn Beck-FOX News Channel @ 5:00pm EST

He has done an excellent job of researching the interlocking institutes and organizations that seek to destroy America as we know it.


ACT FOR AMERICA.ORG–A constant update on the insidious actions of the radical Muslims to convert and ultimately destroy our religious, social and economic customs.  Established by Brigitte Gabriel.

INVESTIGATIVEPROJECT.ORG–A website by Steve Emerson, a major radical Muslim investigator.


Because They Hate and They Must Be Stopped and How to Do It both by Brigitte Gabriel.

There are many other sources of information on both the internet and in print.  A number of them I have mentioned in previous posts. All are trying to stem the tide of political correctness that is destroying our country. We are under assault by multiple forces that seek to destroy us from within, in the same way as the failed Communist attempt of the Cold War. Most of the parties that are in the assaulting hordes are maintaining a low profile, having found that a direct attack is instantly resisted by the patriots in our midst. They have made great inroads by taking over the Democratic Party from within. George Soros has said that he owns the Democrats.

I’d like to mention that most books are now available in e-book format suitable for the Kindle or Nook.  I have both and have found the e-book versions to be less expensive than either the hardback or paperback editions.  Google has digitized thousands of “out of copyright” books that are FREE.  I find Nook books at Barnes and Noble and the Kindle books at Amazon.