The Democrats have become an “endangered species” as a result of their own blind allegiance to their Socialist leader. They have chosen to ignore approximately 70% of the citizens on Obamacare, increase healthcare premiums and punish success while rewarding mediocrity.  Those who are interested in re-election, which naturally includes the majority of ALL politicians, are now distancing themselves from Obama en mass.  The only known Obama adherent is Senator Feingold, who is dropping rapidly in the polls.

The American people are fed up with the lies and outright misdirection that have become the trademark of the entire Obama Administration.  The following list of a few is self-evident.

1. Obama said he needed bailouts to hold unemployment below 8%-Unemployment rose to 9.6%.

2. Obama said healthcare premiums would decrease-The new requirements on insurers caused an increase.

3. Obama said “no tax increase on incomes under $250,00”-This has become a “fluid figure” as other costs increase   due to more and more government regulatory control.

4. Obama said he would get rid of lobbyist influence in Washington-He has been a puppet for controllers of the likes of unions, George Soros and Peter Lewis(CEO of Progressive Insurance Co.).

5. Obama said we could keep our present healthcare policies-Medicare payments were reduced to the po int where more providers are ceasing to accept Medicare patients, Medicare Advantage plans are shutting down and costs for Medicare beneficiaries have increased.  Some smaller businesses are dropping health insurance plans for employees or increasing employee contributions.

It is now up to WE THE PEOPLE to right the wrongs of the last two years and elect those who listen to the concerns of  the citizens of our great country.  We can take back our country from the Socialist usurpers and restore the land of our Founding Fathers.  We have the power to restore the blessings of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.