This is to inform you, if you haven’t gotten the message already, that you have done an EXTREMELY POOR JOB of protecting the freedoms, interests and liberty of the citizens of our great country. You have allowed yourselves to be conned into hastily cobbled together legislation with many hidden agendas and earmarks contained therein.

You have produced massive deficits that are being foisted on generations to come and advanced our country toward socialism as never before. It is readily apparent that most of the Democrat Party is just the Socialist Party “outed.” You have blindly followed the “pied piper of the primrose lined sewer pipe of failed ideologies.” You obviously, mistakenly, believe that your blind allegiance to Obama will get you reelected. You will find that the American electorate is awakening to the fraud that has been perpetrated on them and will seek retribution in 2010.

 You have enabled the takeover of private industry, caused the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs and continue to widen government control over our daily lives. You are now attempting to destroy the best healthcare system in the world and replace it with another government-run program doomed to failure. It is now a proven failure in many countries such as Canada and England. It is estimated that Medicare and Medicaid currently suffer a $60 billion annual loss from fraud. You can’t solve that loss although it has existed for years. Other losers you have produced are Amtrak, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the Postal System and Conrail.

 You have misappropriated our tax money to reward your political cronies and outright criminals such as ACORN, an organization that has committed voter registration fraud for many years, with your blessing. You have allowed earmarks for more payoffs for services rendered. You are not the prudent custodians of the public treasury as you are required to be.

 In summary, you have formed a conspiracy to destroy ALL our forefathers dreamed and fought for to establish our great nation as a government of the people, by the people and for the people. You are definitely trying to make the LAND OF THE FREE PERISH FROM THE EARTH. You are in the process of establishing a HUGE, EXPENSIVE BUREAUCRATIC government to ride rough-shod over the liberty and freedom guaranteed by the Constitution.

It is my HOPE that this is also the HOME OF THE BRAVE who will STAND TALL in their country’s hour of need and vote out those so avidly intent on its destruction.