Those of you out there who voted for Obama should have learned by now that you aided and abetted the deliberate destruction of America as we have known it and as guaranteed under our Constitution. You were duped by high-sounding rhetoric and empty promises of better days to come.  Instead, you have received more loss of freedom, more government control of your daily lives, more bloated government bureaucracy,  a humongous national debt, higher unemployment, and  a march at high speed toward-I’m not sure which-socialism, communism or sharia law under Islamic domination.  Yet to come are higher taxes and/or fees, higher health insurance premiums (instead of lower cost or free health insurance)and increased costs for all forms of energy.

If you analyze Obama’s rhetoric carefully, you will see the hidden meaning behind the flowery words.  He is today in full campaign mode as he tries, vainly I hope, to sell his failed ideology to those as yet unaware of his actual objectives.  Taxpayers are footing the bill as they have done for jet-setting of he and his family for the last 18 months.  It is obvious to me, that both he and his wife hate this country and have an ardent desire to bring it to the status of a third-world country.

You only have to peruse the list of associates and appointees to realize he does not bear anything but ill-will for our nation.  His list of an assortment of anarchists, socialists and known communists establishes the true direction that his administration wants to go.  He has consistently “taken” the taxpayers for extensive family vacations.  He refused to attend the National Prayer Breakfast, yet willingly held an event at the White House to celebrate the Muslim holiday of Ramadan.

Just recently, the Department of Justice website eliminated the American flag at the top of the page and replaced it with a quotation from a known socialist.  Examine carefully every action proposed or enacted and you will see the hidden purpose that fits their  agenda.

We the People have an opportunity to take our country back in the midterm election in November.  It is not too late to repudiate the Obama campaign of destruction.  Where there’s a will there’s a way and it can be done.  These onerous laws can be repealed before permanent damage is totally done.  You are the masters of our fate.  ACT ACCORDINGLY.