In case you’re still uneducated as to the objectives of the Obama Administration, this post will present some facts for your consideration.  Please check out the glaring evidence of an obvious effort by both the Executive and Legislative branches, aided and abetted by liberal, bench-legislating members of the Judiciary, to destroy our republic.  Their intent is to make us ALL subservient to government and devoid of any personal liberty or freedom.  They venomously attack all opposition with lies, ridicule, name-calling and misleading statements.  The gullible among us fall for the subterfuge time after time.

Our questionably legal President, born and educated as a Muslim, is well-versed in the art of taquiyya, lying for the benefit of Allah. He has already been caught in many lies as well as false promises made to distract the attention of those who start to investigate the backdoor dealing so prevalent in his administration.  (Liberals delight in changing the subject when confronted with opposition of any kind). You only have to look at his record of association or appointment of known Communists, tax-dodgers, anarchists, Chicago-style politicians and advocates of “spreading the wealth.”  Recent evidence of his Muslim leaning includes the appointment of the Imam of the proposed “Ground Zero” Mosque as our representative to Muslim countries in the Mideast.  This was followed by his personal approval of the Mosque construction.

In case you are not aware of the history of the name attached to this Mosque, to be named Cordoba, it was a Mosque in Spain that was taken over as a Christian cathedral when the Muslims were defeated. What better way to strike a blow for the intended Muslim takeover of America than to build a Mosque near the scene of one of their major accomplishments?  While the Imam is traveling in the Mideast, at taxpayer expense courtesy of Obama, he will surely be raising money for the Mosque construction.  The Saudis have provided funding for most of the over 3000 Mosques and Muslim schools in our country to date.

On another front, the border with Mexico, Obama and prior Legislative bodies, both Republican and Democrat, have ignored the festering problem of illegal immigration for different reasons.  Obama wants amnesty, preferably before the November election, in order to continue to “spread the wealth” while gaining a larger voting block for the troubled Democrats.

The Democrats want to appease Obama as well as provide the opportunity for organizations such as ACORN to get paid off for their usual efforts to register illegal voters.  The Obama Administration has consistently arranged payoffs for supporters through the use of taxpayer-funded bailout and stimulus appropriations.  Our unsustainable debt is now in the trillions.

The Republicans have ignored the border problem in order to have cheap labor and the hope of obtaining more votes from the “cousins by the dozens” who want their relatives to partake of our largess.  The taxpayers have continued to fund the government inaction in the form of free education, free medical care, low or no taxes, food stamps and other forms of government handout.

It has reached the point where many cities and states are at or near bankruptcy.  Obama now, in hope of quieting opposition, has approved token funding to increase border security.

I invite you to view actual videos of the drug and illegal infiltration on the following websites.



The current estimate of illegal immigrants in our country nears 20 million.  They come when pregnant so their offspring will be US citizens and then claim we are separating families if deported. The Muslims also use our laws in order to obtain “sham” marriages and stay in this country to attack us easily.  We the people are beginning to see the way our laws are being used against us for the benefit of citizens of other countries. Our Congress has failed, miserably, to perform its duty, according to their oath of office, to protect the country from the enemies both foreign and domestic.  In fact, they and the President have become the enemy. See this website for a good update source for the latest Muslim tactics.


Be proactive against the forces arrayed against us before it is too late. Our nation’s light is dimming at the hands of those who have been handed the controls of government.  They have already made many inroads in their quest to submit America as a third world country subservient to world government.