It  has been reported that Obama is now trying to establish a coalition of Faith-based Initiative and the EPA.  The objective, apparently, is to gain support for his global warming daydreams.  Liberals eternally attempt to embark on crusades for failed projects and ideologies.  Global Warming has been thoroughly discredited since it was found that the books of its major watchdog were “cooked.”

This is but one example of how the liberal subterfuge works.  Their approach is similar to that of a magician.  While he attracts your attention to his left hand, the magic is performed by the right hand.  The Obama Administration has, time and again, used high-sounding, popular causes such as family values, racial equality and charity to cover their actual desired objectives of redistribution of wealth, control of the lives of the citizens and centralization of power in the Federal Bureaucracy.  This is the ultimate goal of every Marxist.

If you doubt the true nature of Obama’s beliefs, look again at his associates and appointees listed below.  Unfortunately, the main stream media has abdicated their traditional role of keeping the public informed.  They have gone to great lengths to promote the Marxist cause by the lack of investigative journalism.  They have aided and abetted the cover-up of Obama’s past and near-present history.  This was to a great extent responsible for the election of an UNKNOWN as President of the greatest bastion of freedom in the modern world.  This President is on a course to control EVERY ASPECT of your lives and prepare you for subjugation to either a Marxist or Islamic theocracy.  Wake up before it’s too late.


Van Jones:Self-professed Communist-Appointed as “Green” Czar

Bill Ayers:Tied to Weather Underground bombing of the Pentagon-Friend for many years

Anita Dunn:Avowed Communist-Former White House Communication Director-one of her idols is Mao tse tung

Valerie Jarrett:Ties to Communists-WH adviser

David Axelrod:Ties to Communists-WH Adviser

Rev Jeremiah Wright:Rampant anti-American rhetoric-Obama’s pastor for over 20 years

Saul Alinski:Author of RULES FOR RADICALS and Socialist community organizer-Obama’s mentor through organizer Gregory Galuzzo in Chicago

Numerous other appointees who either were exposed and withdrew or still hold office in spite of proven tax evasion or corruption.  Chicago style politics hold sway in Washington, D.C.  Take a good look at Obama’s history.  I recommend two new sources for your education:

1. The Manchurian President by Aaron Klein

2. Glenn Beck Program on FOX News Channel at 4:00 p.m. CDT

Both of these give a thorough explanation of Obama’s background and the interlocking network of support for the conspiracy to subvert and control our country.

I would like to remind those of you who have served in the military or an elective position, and gave an oath to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies both foreign and  domestic, that you have enemies of America in Washington, D.C. You can fulfill your oath by voting out all supporters of Obama in November.  Take back your country from the Socialist hordes that have invaded  our country and oppressed our freedom.