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Feel safer now?

Last year, President Obama bowed to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and made a speech in Cairo largely blaming America for our “strained” relations with the Muslim world.

This year his administration berates Israel, accusing it of obstructing the peace process while Hamas continues to deny Israel’s right to exist.

He extends constitutional rights to foreign terrorists, including reading them their Miranda rights.

He announces that the U.S. will not retaliate with nuclear weapons against any non-nuclear country—even if that country hits us with a devastating biological or chemical weapons attack.

Now he bans characterizations such as “jihad” and “Islamic extremism” from our national security strategy.

Feel safer now?

My Comment:

He has now laid every major city in our country open to attack by chemical or biological weapons of mass destruction-without fear of nuclear retaliation.  The major benefit we have derived from nuclear weapons, over the years, has been as a deterrent to foreign aggression.

For the record

Virtually every terrorist event since about 1979 has been committed by radical Islamic Jihadists. Thousands of innocent civilians have been slaughtered in the name of Jihad. DO NOT forget that Obama was born and raised as a Muslim.  If this man is not stopped in November, be prepared, in the future, to exercise one of your three options dictated by the Koran. You can convert to Islam, subjugate yourself to Islam and Shariah Law or die. It’s your choice.