It has been suggested that the states should exercise their constitutional right to hold a Constitutional Convention by a vote of two-thirds of the state legislatures(34 states). This will then allow a vote by all state legislatures to abolish the Federal Government(38 states approval required).  Provisions can be made in the amendment for the states to temporarily assume the functions of the Federal Government that are enumerated in the Constitution, and NO OTHERS.  In one action, WE THE PEOPLE can re-assume the control of our lives as provided by our Founding Fathers.  This action would repeal all of the damage done by liberals(progressives) over the last century.

Once the government has been stabilized,  the states can re-establish the Federal Government in its Constitutional configuration.  This solution presents itself as a challenging project for Constitutional lawyers to compose in a feasible plan of action.  WE THE PEOPLE do not need to allow the socialist(communists) in the White House to usurp our liberty and freedom for the sake of their FAILED IDEOLOGY.

Until this action can be completed, it is mandatory that we vote out ALL of the leftist-controlled Democrat Party in November 2010.