Today is a black day in the history of our Republic.  The socialist Democrats have succeeded in passing their onerous health care bill, despite all the efforts of tea parties and the other patriot groups.  If this law stands the inevitable test in the U.S. Supreme Court, one-sixth of our national economy and about 95% of the citizens will be under the thumb of and controlled by the Federal Government. Your freedom and liberty will continue to erode as it has, from the pervasive, subtle actions of liberals(progressives), over approximately the last century.

They have now achieved a major objective in their quest to bring America down to the level 0f a “third world” country.  This fits in with their vision of One Worldism that has festered for many years.  A majority of the voters in November 2008 were far too gullible in swallowing the sugar-coated lies of Obama, his socialist tax cheats and avowed Communists. This nation is run to the dictates of Saul Alinski and George Soros, with Obama as the puppet dictator. The voters that put this bunch of anti-Americans in office have no one to blame but themselves for the disaster they have imposed on their future as well as that of their children and grandchildren.

The only action WE THE PEOPLE can take is to vote out of office EVERY member of Congress who voted for this bill.  I beg of all, who love our country, liberty and freedom and who respect the Constitution delivered to us by our Founding Fathers, to do so.