In view of the large number of outright lies emanating from the  hallowed halls of our nation’s capital, it behooves all of us to sit back and take a good, hard look at the course our ship of state is steering.  I have mentioned the Muslim belief in  taqiyya several times over the past few months.  This is a basis for permissible lying, according to the Koran, if it is for the benefit of Allah.  Since we have elected a Muslim president, this is not a surprising state of affairs.  Those who elected him obviously believed he was promising to improve the government and failed to realize that his primary objective is to seize control over our lives and destroy our constitutional existence.

Every action of the left, thus far, has been to worsen the economy, increase unemployment, ram unpalatable legislation down our throats and tighten control over our daily lives. The frantic push to pass the detestable health care bill is nothing more than a means of increasing their control of our lives.  Their refusal to consider tort reform is just another “payoff” to the trial lawyers who, along with unions, form a large portion of of their campaign contributions.  Their support of ACORN was born of ACORN’s “good” work in “cooking” the voter registration rolls in several states.  ACORN has now been indicted in this regard.  The TARP and so-called stimulus funds were nothing short of political “payoffs” and earmarks to help the reelection efforts of fellow travelers.  They also acted as a pacifier to some of the opposition.

Please, educate yourself from some of my listed sources as to what is REALLY going on in our country.  The future of liberty and freedom is in your hands.  Put the “snake oil salesman” and his fellow socialists out to pasture at your earliest opportunity in November 2010.