When you have had enough CHANGE from the Obama Administration, it is prime time to take action instead of “going with the flow.”  Far too many Americans fell for the slick hype spouted by Obama during his campaign. Take an inventory NOW of all the promises made versus the reality of performance and the outright lies foisted on the electorate.

Jobless claims continue to rise at the rate of almost 500,000 a week. The actions that have been taken are those which will inevitably exacerbate the existing economical conditions. It is obvious to me that their intent is to keep a large unemployed base in order to gain support for the insane healthcare proposals being constantly floated through the halls of Congress.  This assists the liberals(progressives) in pursuing their ultimate goal of total control of the population, if they can ram through the “public option.”   In any event, taxes, insurance premiums and government regulation of your life will increase.  More doctors will not be accepting Medicare and Medicaid patients.