This is the year WE THE PEOPLE can take OUR COUNTRY back from the Washington-based socialists that are trying to destroy the last vestige of our economy that made this the GREATEST NATION ON EARTH. They are intent on turning America into a “third world” country and subjugating all of its citizens, in order to distribute the available wealth to the remainder of the world.

The Obama Administration is following the familiar path of other tyrants of history, such as Adolph Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Joseph Stalin, Fidel Castro and, more recently, Hugo Chavez.  They start by intimidating or taking over financial institutions, followed by large business entities and controlling the dissemination of information to the public.  The ultimate objective is total control over the entire populace.  Therein lies the reason they so desperately want to take over national healthcare.  This constitutes approximately one-sixth of our gross national product.

It is long past time that the American public realizes they have been “taken” by a smooth-talking snake oil salesman and resolve to VOTE OUT ALL LIBERALS in November 2010.  You’re getting CHANGE, but are you, your children and your grandchildren going to enjoy the HUGE increase in taxes, higher health insurance premiums and the future inflationary environment brought on by the trillions of dollars of National Debt?

The thing most-feared by a politician is not getting re-elected.  Obama’s supporters MUST be made to realize that they cannot jam a despised bill down the throats of freedom loving citizens AND survive.  If necessary, call or write your representatives to insure their understanding.