The Conservative victory in Massachusetts, along with the victories in New Jersey and Virginia, is a clear message to the Obama Administration that the majority of the electorate are on to their schemes and their attempts at deception to turn the country to Socialism. It was quite fitting that a real blow was struck against their agenda where our original revolution started in 1776 at Lexington and Concord.  


It is of paramount importance that we maintain the momentum through the November 2010 election. All Congress people MUST be held accountable for their lack of any consideration for the desires of the citizens of our country. Their arrogant efforts to “trash” our Constitution and restrict or eliminate the liberty and freedom we have enjoyed, MUST be brought to naught.
There are many people in the land that are still in a fog and have refused to educate themselves on what is happening in Washington. The same is true of the political correctness that pervades their thinking in regard to the profiling of militant Muslims. For an excellent article mentioning  the latter, please see below.  It explains fully the  principle of taqiyya, as practiced by Muslims, as dictated by the Koran.  It is lengthy, but it is well worth the read if you want to understand the danger we face.
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