uncle+sam_1961_19358364_0_0_7031973_100A clarion call for all who liked America as it was.  Our country is being converted to State Socialism at a rapid rate.  I am appalled at a recent poll that shows 43% of those polled would vote to reelect Obama.

They have been led as lambs to slaughter by the Judas goat(aka Barack Hussein Obama).  He has placed in positions of power, as czars and cabinet level cronies, an assortment of anarchists, tax cheats, socialists, avowed communists, one-worlders, and other assorted enemies of our way of life.  Several of his appointees have advocated “far-left” ideas such as population reduction.  This will occur through abortions and Medicare cut-backs for the elderly, contained in the current health care bills being debated(?).  Anita Dunn, his Director of Communications, holds as an idol Mao Tse Tung, who advocated sacrificing 300 MILLION Chinese to establish Communism in the Great Revolution.

The Obama administration has actively demeaned all opposition, such as citizen “tea parties” and has plans to proceed against other sources of dissent.  If you will educate yourself on the facts of the current situation in our government, you will discover what I have been trying to outline for weeks.  This Obama administration is dedicated to the destruction of America as we have known it.

They are following a plan designed years ago as outlined in Communist Blueprint for Conquest, one of my previously recommended sources for your educational endeavors.  The blueprint entails the takeover of business(automobile manufacturers) and financial industry(control by Pay Czar and bailout did this) and stifling all opposition(currently in progress).  This is followed by getting full control of the entire population(health care will ultimately do this).  Once full subservience to the government is obtained, it is then an easy switch to either Socialism, Communism or Shariah Law, under the control of militant Islam.

The choice is yours.  It is similar to the choice given to infidels by the Islamic religion-you can accept Islam, subjugate yourself to Shariah Law or die.  If you choose to help retain the country of our founding fathers, you have to become active in the protest against those who are set on destroying the one and only bastion of prosperity, liberty and freedom the world has ever known.