1. Whereas, you have destroyed liberty and freedom, and
    2. You have attempted to jam unpalatable legislation down our throats, and
    3. You have embarked on a planned destruction of our Constitution, and
    4. You have vastly increased the debt of our children and grandchildren, and
    5. You have caused massive unemployment, and
    6. You have lied to try to shift blame for the economic downturn, and
    7. You have caused energy shortages and price increases for all goods and services for your own ill-conceived ideas for wind and solar power, and
    8. You have allowed and even encouraged massive waste of taxpayers money for solar projects, and
    9. You have alienated our allies in the world, and
    10. You have appeased the homicidal killers of the world, and
    11. You have lied about the transparency of your administration, and
    12. You have divided our country as it has not been since the Civil War, and
    13. You have continued the liberal “brainwashing” and dumbing down of students in our educational system, and
    14. You have condoned the influx of illegal aliens for the sake of votes, and
    15. You have allowed the destruction of the Christian religion and the rise of Islam, and
    16. You have squandered taxpayer money on corrupt organizations such as ACORN for your own benefit, and
    17. You have done the bidding of George Soros and others in order to destroy our economic system, and
    18. You have cheered as ACLU destroyed individual freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution, and
    19. You have demeaned your fellow citizens for exercising their right to disagree with your socialist policies, and
    20. You have flooded Washington with an assortment of tax cheats, socialists, racists and other fuzzy thinkers, and
    21. Therefore, WE THE PEOPLE will vote you out of office this year.

We the People