Uncle Sam needs you NOW to help save his country from further destruction by the Obama administration.  They have alienated our allies in the world, divided our country as it has never been divided before, trod roughshod on personal freedom and liberty, increased the national debt beyond comprehension, paid off political cronies with taxpayer funds, reduced our missile defense systems and advanced our country toward socialism at a rapid pace.  Every action has been aimed at obtaining more BIG GOVERNMENT control over our daily lives.  They have been following very closely the pattern of Communist takeover in the video, Communist Blueprint for Conquest.

Congress is doing little or nothing to stop the continual onslaught on the guarantees given us by our founding fathers in our Bill of Rights  and  Constitution.  Obama and his ilk are pushing every “hot” button and telling lie after lie, along with misleading statements, to try to sell their socialistic schemes to a gullible public.  The latest concession Obama has made on health care is to say illegals will not be covered.  At the same time, he gives the indication that they will be made legal(amnesty) in order to become eligible for all benefits.  He obviously wants their votes to stay in power.

That’s what it’s all about, folks, control over every aspect of our daily lives for the benefit of his failed ideology and his puppetmasters.  You may have noted that he has spent VERY little time in Washington as he travels the country and the world with his special brand of arrogance, cheap family vacations  and “hate America first.”  Have you wondered as I have, who is running the government?

Below is the result of inaction on the part of WE THE PEOPLE.  All it takes for the forces of evil to triumph is for enough good men to do NOTHING.