September 17, has been denoted and celebrated as CONSTITUTION DAY.  Our founding fathers signed the Constitution at the original Constitutional Convention on this day in 1787.  This makes NOW  an ideal time to bombard your so-called representatives with demands that they adhere to the provisions of our founding document.

The current administration is trying to determine how many ways it can violate or diminish the dictates of this document.  This insidious process was actually started in earnest during the FDR administration and has been a work-in-progress ever since.  We the people have aided and abetted the process by our sense of apathy and acceptance of the gradual, piecemeal encroachment upon our liberty and freedom.  We have been so immersed in our daily lives and desires that we have failed to seek out the available information and understand the gathering forces of darkness and their intent to destroy our way of life.  We are now, hopefully, beginning to wake up, just as Obama tries to drive the “final nail in the coffin.”

We face two very formidable antagonists today-militant Islamics and our own government.  It is time for WE THE PEOPLE to rise up and demand adherance to the Constitution and a Constitutional Ammendment to institute TERM LIMITS on all of Congress.

Liberty or Death Flag