Recent developments have continued to expose the duplicity of the Obama-supported organization, ACORN.  So far, four employees have been fired for participation in illegal activities.  I question whether they were fired for their actions or for getting caught and exposing another illegal activity.  ACORN is already under indictment for voter registration fraud in several areas.  This organization has received taxpayer funds for years, despite their partisan support of the Democratic party.  Reportedly, they have received $54 MILLION so far, and they are in line to receive BILLIONS MORE from the largess of the Obama payoffs for services rendered.  Had enough “change” yet folks?

Supposedly, the Census Bureau has severed ties with ACORN and will not employ them for assistance in data collection for the 2010 census.  I wonder if this ban would include ACORN members that are hired by SEIU or one of ACORN’s 200+ subdivisions.  The ACORN members seem quite adept at circumventing laws, taxes, etc.

If you are tired of having your hard-earned tax payments squandered on pet earmark projects of your self-serving representatives for purchasing votes and delivery to partisan organizations, bombard them with protests, attend town meetings and make your voices heard loud and clear.  Politicians fear only one thing-not getting reelected.

Don't Tread on Me